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Hollistic Program





Detoxification of your body is the first step of the process. It is essential to go through the detoxification process if you want to maximize your fat loss, weight loss and body contouring experience.

Part of our body’s natural weight loss process is releasing triglycerides from the fat cells into thelymphatic systems. They are then processed by the liver. If our lymphatic system and liver are too toxic, this process is hindered. A detoxification program helps clear the lymphatic system and liver to assist in the removal of triglycerides from our body’s systems.

At LipoLaser of South Jersey we believe that best results occur when starting our detoxification program two weeks before your first treatment.

More about us

Who we are?

We are South Jersey’s pioneers in the use of therapeutic cold laser technology. We have been experts in cold laser technology for over 12 years. LipoLaser is the logical extension of our vast experience and knowledge using cold laser technology.

What we do?

Holistic, healthy approach to fat loss and body contouring. LipoLaser is non-invasive and there is absolutely no cutting of tissue. LipoLaser reduces the size of fat cells in targeted areas and has no reported side effects.

LipoLaser Team

All staff members of LipoLaser of South Jersey are certified LipoLaser Technicians. Debbi is also our official LipoLaser Coach. She is also a certified medical technician with years of experience in the health and wellness field.

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