Four Components Program

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At LipoLaser of South Jersey, we understand that simply undergoing a cosmetic treatment isn't enough to ensure beautiful, long lasting results. You also need to make certain changes to your lifestyle in order to maintain your results for years to come.

We've designed our Four Components Program in order to help you accomplish this goal. By moving through all four steps in this program, you can achieve the best possible outcome from your treatment and have the tools necessary to ensure you maintain your beautiful new figure moving forward.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring - Marlton, NJOur Four Components Program includes the following steps:

  • Detox
  • LipoLaser
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

This page will provide you with a basic overview of the Four Components Program, but you can get all of your questions answered and receive individualized treatment recommendations by speaking with us in person. Please call 856-983-3600 today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in Marlton, Cherry Hill and throughout South Jersey.


Detoxification of your body is the first step of the process. It is essential to go through the detoxification process if you want to maximize your fat loss, weight loss and body contouring experience.

Part of our body’s natural weight loss process is releasing triglycerides from the fat cells into the lymphatic systems. They are then processed by the liver. If our lymphatic system and liver are too toxic, this process is hindered. A detoxification program helps clear the lymphatic system and liver to assist in the removal of triglycerides from our body’s systems.

At LipoLaser of South Jersey we believe that best results occur when starting our detoxification program two weeks before your first treatment.


The next step is to undergo our LipoLaser treatments. Our LipoLaser systems target the subcutaneous fat layer and releases triglycerides from fat cells, causing them to shrink in size.

The vibration platform (part of our LipoLaser treatment) continues to process the released triglycerides so they leave your body in a healthy, holistic manner. Receiving LipoLaser treatments after detoxification and in conjunction with good, healthy nutritional practices and an exercise program produces improved long term results.


4 Components Program - LipoLaser of South JerseyThe laser treatment includes a vibration platform session. This is equal to 30 minutes of exercise. For optimal results, we recommend additional exercise during and after LipoLaser treatments.

This will not only burn calories, it will also continue to process the fat (triglycerides) that were released from the fat cells by our LipoLaser.


It is essential that you learn and use good nutritional practices while undergoing LipoLaser treatments. It is also essential to continue them after treatments are concluded.

It is important not to overload your body with calories while undergoing LipoLaser treatments. Remember, the LipoLaser is working to burn calories and remove fat from your body. Adding additional calories is counterproductive. If you want fat loss and weight loss, why would you increase your caloric intake?

We will advise you on a healthy nutritional plan so you can achieve the best possible results from your treatment.

Please contact LipoLaser of South Jersey using the form on this page or call 856-983-3600 today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in Marlton, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and throughout South Jersey.

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