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Injectables and Dermal Fillers

Facial rejuvenation is one of LipoLaser of South Jersey's most popular services. And understandably so – if you're dealing with some common cosmetic imperfections or the signs of age and wear, it's difficult for you to feel the confidence you deserve. And without this confidence, your personal and professional relationships might suffer.

We offer a range of facial rejuvenation services to address your unique needs and goals. These procedures are all safe and effective. Among these options are a number of injectable treatments.

These injectables offer a range of benefits. They're safe, they're commonly performed, they don't take long to administer and they're completely non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning they require no recovery or downtime. Whether you're interested in BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane® or Kybella®, you can rest assured that our injectable treatments will safely achieve all of your goals.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you want to learn more about injectable facial rejuvenation treatments, please call LipoLaser of South Jersey today at 856-983-3600 for a consultation and examination.

BOTOX® Cosmetic - What Is It?

We associated fine lines, wrinkles and creases with age, but the physical cause of wrinkles is actually muscle contractions. Your brain sends signals to the nerves in your facial muscles, and the nerves then convert these signals into instructions to contract. Over the course of your life, your facial muscles contract literally billions of times.

Any individual contraction is completely minor. But over the course of decades, these contractions add up, and result in the wrinkles and creases that are so annoying. This is where BOTOX® Cosmetic comes in.

BOTOX® Cosmetic isn't just one of the most popular injectables in America – it is, in fact, one of the most common cosmetic treatments in the world. Millions of people undergo BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments every year.

BOTOX® Cosmetic works by blocking the nerves in your facial muscles from receiving contraction signals from your brain. If the nerves have no signals to convey, your muscles don't contract. Over a period of time after a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, the muscles relax, and the lines and creases on your face are smoothed away.

Is BOTOX® Cosmetic Safe?

There are two things you need to know about BOTOX® Cosmetic and its safety. First, BOTOX® Cosmetic itself is quite safe. Second, it's absolutely crucial that you undergo a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment from an accomplished, trained and experienced practitioner.

As mentioned earlier, BOTOX® Cosmetic is exceptionally common. Millions of people across the world undergo treatments every year. And the procedure boasts an impressive safety record. When administered by a properly trained professional, BOTOX® Cosmetic poses no threat to your health and wellbeing.

But remember that “properly trained professional” component. Most of the horror stories you read about BOTOX® Cosmetic derive from cases where the treatment was administered by someone who wasn't properly trained. You should avoid so-called “BOTOX® Cosmetic parties” at which many patients are treated by a single person.

Put simply, when considering BOTOX® Cosmetic, only choose someone with meaningful experience and a track record of successful cosmetic procedures.

Restylane® - What Is It?

Of course, BOTOX® Cosmetic, while exceptionally popular, is not the only injectable facial rejuvenation treatment available to you. In fact, LipoLaser of South Jersey offers a number of other injectable options. We'll work with you to find the injectable solution that is right for you.

One of your options is Restylane®, a dermal filler. While an injectable, Restylane® and other dermal fillers work quite differently than BOTOX® Cosmetic. As stated, BOTOX® Cosmetic works by blocking the nerves in your facial muscles from receiving contraction signals from your brain. No contractions, no wrinkles.

Restylane® operates in a different fashion. Like other dermal fillers, Restylane® contains naturally occurring hyaluronic acids. Your body produces these acids, which work to plump, fill and moisturize your skin. But as we grow older, our production of hyaluronic acids can flag, and so the skin of our face sags and grows wrinkles and creases.

Restylane® replaces these missing hyaluronic acids and plumps and fills your skin – hence the term “dermal filler.” It can reverse the signs of age, wear and fatigue, all without requiring an invasive surgical procedure.

A Restylane® treatment is quite short and simple – it takes around 30 minutes or so, and you can return to work immediately after receiving an injection. And, like all of our procedures, Restylane® is quite safe.

What Concerns Can Restylane® Treat?

At LipoLaser of South Jersey, we are committed to ensuring you only undergo the procedure that is right for you. We will never recommend a procedure that won't safely achieve your goals, and we will thoroughly examine your skin type and talk with you about your objectives.

This remains true when it comes time to provide you with the right injectable treatment. Our injectables are all designed to achieve specific goals, which means that where BOTOX® Cosmetic might be right for some people, Restylane® might be right for you.

The first step to determining if you're a candidate for Restylane® is, of course, determining if you have a concern that Restylane® can address. This dermal filler can help if you are worried about:

  • Folds and creases in the nasolabial region
  • Moderate to severe facial wrinkles
  • Fines lines around the lips

Restylane® is FDA-approved, and the hyaluronic acids it contains are designed to mimic those your body produces. This ensures you won't have to worry about allergic reactions or the other concerns you might have about having “unnatural” ingredients introduced into your body.

Kybella® - What Is It?

At LipoLaser of South Jersey, we help a lot of patients who are anxious to remove stubborn deposits of fat. And this makes a lot of sense – these fat deposits are unsightly and unpleasant, and they don't respond to diet and exercise.

Of course, these stubborn fat deposits are not restricted to the body. In fact, for many people, the most aesthetically undesirable manifestation of this concern is the double chin. Submental fat under the jaw and on the neck is both inconvenient and unsightly. A double chin is easily spotted in photos, and it can make you lose confidence in your ability to take an attractive photo. And many people report feeling intensely self-aware when they have a double chin.

This is why Kybella® is such an exciting innovation. It is the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for a double chin. The active ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your body that aids the absorption and breakdown of dietary fat.

Over the course of two to four Kybella® treatments, we will inject the Kybella® under your chin. This will cause the fat cells to die and disappear, never to return. The treatments will permanently eliminate your double chin.

Why Should I Choose Kybella®?

You can find a number of advertised treatments for a double chin. Many of them, especially the relevant surgical features, are effective at eliminating a double chin. But we believe that Kybella® represents an extraordinary solution to this common concern.

Why? Kybella® offers a number of advantages over other solutions. Like all of our injectable treatments, it is non-surgical and non-invasive, and will not require any downtime for recovery. And the procedure itself is short and relatively simple – you won't have to block out a huge chunk of your day just to undergo a treatment.

Furthermore, Kybella® represents an exceptionally safe option. As mentioned above, Kybella® is FDA-approved for the treatment of submental fat. Side effects are exceptionally minor and usually include soreness, numbness at the injection site, bruising and swelling.

Finally, our patients love Kybella® because it represents a permanent solution. Kybella® doesn't just reduce the size of fat cells or weaken them. Instead, it eliminates fat cells, and when fat cells are eliminated, they do not return to the treatment area. Once you have the appearance you want, you won't need another treatment.

Why Should I Choose LipoLaser of South Jersey?

We understand you have a lot of options for injectable facial rejuvenation treatments in New Jersey. There are a lot of practices and individuals that advertise for facial rejuvenation services, and many of them offer seemingly seductive price points. So, why choose us?

We would urge you to remember the points we made above. Our facial rejuvenation injectables all boast impressive safety records. They're commonly administered, and they have all earned the trust of our experienced doctors. We would never offer any procedures in which we're not confident.

However, this does not mean that just anyone can safely administer one of these injectables. Safely administering an injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic, Kybella® or Restylane® requires unique, specialized training, experience and education. A provider who lacks these traits can put you in danger. When these injectables are administered without proper training and knowledge, they can do real damage to your health and appearance.

Fortunately, you can trust in the experience and training of everyone at LipoLaser of South Jersey. Dr. Jesse Liebman and Dr. Keith Radbill have decades of specialized experience in aesthetic medicine. They have worked hard to build a practice that reflects their sterling reputations in the New Jersey medical community.

Our team has been assembled with exactly the same concern. Every member of our team is well-trained and dedicated and understands how to ensure you have a pleasant, successful and safe experience at our office.

If you live in New Jersey and you're looking for safe, high-quality facial rejuvenation, you might consider BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane® or Kybella®. These represent exceptional methods for removing the signs of age, wear and fatigue. Please call LipoLaser of South Jersey today at 856-983-3600 for a consultation and examination. 

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