LipoLaser Questions

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What is the difference between LipoLaser and Liposuction?

LipoLaser is  a non-invasive procedure. Unlike liposuction, there is no cutting of your skin or tissue and no side effects. LipoLaser is a holistic, healthy approach to fat loss and body contouring. LipoLaser reduces the size of fat cells in targeted areas.

Liposuction is invasive surgery  performed under anesthesia. As with any surgery, there is always the possibility of complications including infection and in some cases death. Liposuction destroys fat cells.

Are any LipoLaser of South Jersey staff members certified LipoLaser Technicians?

All staff members of LipoLaser of South Jersey are certified LipoLaser Technicians. Debbi is also our official LipoLaser Coach. She is also a certified medical technician with years of experience in the health and wellness field.

Why is the technique called a Low Level Laser?

The technique is called "Low-Level" because the levels of energy delivered are low in comparison to other laser therapies that include ablation, cutting, and thermally coagulating tissue. In general, Low Level Laser Therapy produces lower energy levels than those needed to produce heating of tissue.

Is laser (LLLT) therapy scientifically documented?

Thousands of published studies document the positive effects of laser therapy. These studies range from studies on individual cell types to "in vivo" double blind crossover studies. You can search the  Medline database for abstracts on the tests that have been done or you can purchase articles on the subject from Medline. Many books have also been published on the subject.

 How deep into tissue can this type of laser penetrate?

 The depth of penetration of the Lapex Curve is greater than 6 mm below the surface of the skin. The laser energy reaches the subcutaneous fat, where after approximately 4-6 minutes the fat cell releases its internal contents.

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