Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

If you're like many of our New Jersey-area patients, you're looking for safe, effective facial rejuvenation, a treatment that can eliminate wrinkles and remove other signs of age and wear. But while you're seeking facial rejuvenation, you might also be a little wary of injecting something “unnatural” into your body.

At LipoLaser of South Jersey, we understand these concerns. And while all of the procedures we offer are proven safe and effective, we're also excited to offer you a natural rejuvenation option – platelet rich plasma injections (PRP).

With a PRP treatment, our skilled, specially trained staff can use your body's natural platelet supply to dramatically rejuvenate your facial appearance.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you want to learn more about platelet rich plasma and its exciting potential to help you, please call LipoLaser of South Jersey today at 856-983-3600.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

At some point in your life you have probably cut yourself – almost certainly multiple times. A relatively minor cut is only minor because of your body's natural clotting response. Clotting is how your body responds to an injury to a blood vessel and prevents excess bleeding. It's why minor cuts don't pose a threat to your life.

Platelets are an indispensable element of the clotting process. Platelets are unique cells in your body that act as healers and rejuvenating agents. When a blood vessel suffers an injury, platelets rush to the scene of the injury and start clotting and healing.

Scientists and medical researchers have long been intrigued by the rejuvenating potential of platelets. Platelet-infused injectables have been used for years in the treatment of certain injuries. Recently, doctors have begun to use platelets for cosmetic purposes.

PRP treatments are completely natural and do not introduce any foreign substances into your body. We simply utilize your body's natural supply of platelets and plasma.

The platelet rich plasma procedure is relatively simple. We will begin by drawing a small amount of your blood. We then take the vial of your blood and spin it in a high-speed centrifuge.

This process essentially divides the blood into two different materials – the red and white blood cells on one end of the vial, and plasma, which is the colorless fluid part of blood. The plasma is richly infused with platelets, making it an extraordinarily useful substance.

We then inject the PRP into the treatment area. PRP is quite versatile, and we can use it to treat:

  • Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
  • Fine lines and sagging around the mouth, cheek and eyes
  • General lack of a bright, healthy skin tone
  • Baggy facial skin

Platelet rich plasma is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. The treatment itself is quite short and simple, causes no pain or discomfort, and does not require any recovery or downtime. Side effects are relatively mild and short-lived and include mild swelling and redness.

If you're curious about platelet rich plasma treatments and you live in or around New Jersey, please call LipoLaser of South Jersey today at 856-983-3600 for a consultation and examination. 

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