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At LipoLaser of South Jersey, we are excited to offer our patients breakthrough collagen therapy with Purigenex™. Purigenex is the only live collagen therapy available today for topical cosmetic treatment. 

Advantages of Purigenex

Purigenex works to rejuvenate your skin and promote optimal wellness.  Its many advantages for our South Jersey patients include:

  • Increase the smooth, supple, and youthful appearance of your skin
  • Repair and prevent skin discolorations, aging and sun damage, and scarring from acne
  • Build the integrity of connective tissue and elasticity in your skin
  • Integrates easily with your natural collagen through a highly soluble succinylated and negatively ionized material
  • Rare immune reactions due to the exclusive telopeptide-free formula

Purigenex is currently only available through qualified esthetic professionals. Call our office at (856) 334-1764 today for your consultation and treatment.

Your Purigenex Treatment

Because our Purigenex products are live collagen, they are kept refrigerated until your treatment. Our staff member will ensure your comfort and place the mask on your face from 20-30 minutes for full effectiveness.

The live collagen penetrates into the subdermal layers of your skin and helps to rehydrate your cells. It will also balance electrolytes and soothe inflammation while drawing toxins away from fatty tissue to leave you glowing with radiant, youthful skin. 

Look as Young as You Feel!

Give yourself the look of vitality and youth. This non-surgical facelift can give you the look you want without the expense and recovery time necessary for plastic surgery. With Purigenex, we can nourish your skin, release impurities, and combat aging.

Are you ready to see how Purigenex can transform your facial appearance? Please contact LipoLaser of South Jersey today for your personalized consultation with one of our experienced staff members. We serve patients in Cherry Hill, Marlton, Mt. Laurel and throughout the  South Jersey area. 

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