LipoLaser of South Jersey for healthy, holoistic fat loss, body contouring and the natural face lift.
LipoLaser of South Jersey for healthy, holoistic fat loss, body contouring and the natural face lift.
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LipoLaser - The Science Behind it

The cold laser energy beam safely penetrates your skin targeting the fat cells (Subcutaneous layer). The laser disrupts the external membrane of the fat cell, inducing lipolysis. Once those fat cells are permeated, they release fatty acids, water and glycerol, or triglycerides. The triglycerides are released from the fat cells and the body uses them for energy. The fat cells then “shrink” approximately 50% resulting in the loss of inches along with cellulite removal.

LipoLaser is shown to release 40 to 60 grams of fat during a typical 30-40 minute waistline treatment. This represents 400-500 calories. Remember that 400-500 calories.

Our patients incorporate the use of a whole body vibration (WBV) platform for 10 minutes after treatment. WBV stimulates your cells to function at a higher metabolic rate, causing more fuel to burn. This accelerates weight loss
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LipoLaser of South Jersey uses the Lapex BCS 2000 system for fat loss and body contouring.
WBV stimulates all cells in the body. It increases blood flow and oxygen intake and by stimulating metabolism it helps flush out toxins.

WBV increases local circulation to targeted areas, giving the visible cellulite area a “smoother” look. Waste products are expelled at a cellular, lymphatic and excretion level.

Your whole body vibration session following the laser treatment will ensure the 400-500 calories of fat loss are not reabsorbed by the fat cells.

What happens to the Fat? The fat is absorbed by your lymphatic system where it gets broken down. Next it is processed by the liver and gets converted into an energy source. This is a process that is natural and healthy. Your body excretes the fat which leaves your body through your natural waste mechanisms.

The images below illustrate what happens to the fat cells. The sequence runs from left to right on row one then left to right on row two. (Images are courtesy of Yolo Medical)

What makes the Lapex LipoLaser so attractive? Other procedures kill and destroy the fat cells, this is not a natural body function, or terribly safe. The Lapex LipoLaser is a safe, natural, holistic approach to reducing fat where you want it…and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS.

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Non-invasive Fat Loss, Body Contouring and the Natural Face Lift

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