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Pain Management

At our practice, we pride ourselves on gentle adjustments where we practice natural, drugless, non-invasive techniques in order for patients to reach optimum wellness. Our journey to health starts by addressing the following 6 interferences that create loss of health and function:


Structure = function. The function of your spinal nerves control the function of your entire nervous system. Those nerves control your blood vessels, organs, and muscles.  See if Spinal decompression can help you.

Electro-magnetic Therapy

With today’s technology and habits, electrical pollution is causing people to feel weak, have headaches, or simply feel ill. Similar to the world around us, the nervous system controls the rest of our body through electro-magnetic energy. Techniques we offer will help clear the pollution out of your system, along with further protecting yourself from the harm and damage.


In order to fulfill your body with nutrients needed to live a healthy life, you must supplement your diet. Despite eating vegetables and fruits, many American’s aren’t obtaining the right nutrition. To correct these deficiencies, inadequacies, and toxicities, we offer supplements and vitamins from both NutriWest Systems and Xymogen.

Emotional Therapy

Emotional pain is often linked to physical pain. At our wellness center, we offer methods to “rid” your body of these negative or suppressed emotions, which will therefore “clear” the pain from both body and mind.  We use a combination of various techniques including:


Consuming foods with artificial additives and breathing polluted air are two everyday activities that can cause toxicity to enter the body. These toxins can be very harmful and become an obstacle for individuals who are trying to live healthily. Therefore, we offer several techniques for detoxification.

Our most popular technique is the footbath, designed to restore the body’s energy while facilitating the natural detoxification process. It will improve balance and restore natural Ph and electromagnetic energy to the body.

Healing laser and cold laser therapies, like the M6 Robotic Cold Laser, can also facilitate detoxification by using energy to help move toxins out of tissues and flush them out of the system, as well as increase blood and lymph circulation.

Allergies and sensitivities

Although they are developed while young, allergies do not have to remain a constant nuisance to your life. At our office, we can determine the root of an allergy in order to help you overcome it. In addition to our methods, we can offer various vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, that will respond positively to your body’s chemistry.

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