The LipoLaser Team


Manager / Medical Assistant

Debbi is the manager of Lipolaser of South Jersey.  Debbi is also a medical assistant with years of experience in the wellness, health and exercise field.  She has been with Lipolaser of South Jersey for over 7 years.  Debbi personally oversees all body contouring programs and makes it her responsibility for client satisfaction.  Debbi conducts client consultations and recommends the right program for each client. She has made Lipolaser of South Jersey the premier non-invasive body contouring facility on the east coast.

Our Staff

Debbi our Manager and Medical Assistant.

Susan, body contouring specialist, specializing in body treatments such as V-Shape Ultra, I-Lipo Excell, Lipolaser and Ultrasonic Cavitation.

Missy is head of our body contouring department.  She specializes in making our clients feel and look better with treatments such as V-Shape Ultra, I-Lipo Excell, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency.

Ami our head Medical Aesthetician.

Ami performing a Radio Frequency treatment for skin tightening.