The LipoLaser Team


Medical Aesthetician

Stacey is our amazing Medical Aesthetician that performs Microcurrent, Radiofrequency and Jet Clear treatments and also helps with M6 robotic laser treatments.  She has a heart and hands of gold, with years of experience in the medical aesthetics field.


Head Aesthetician

Kate is our head Aesthetician and runs the Natural Face Lift portion of Lipolaser of South Jersey.  Kate has over 10 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics and is formally trained in Microcurrent, Radiofrequency and other non-invasive facial contouring technologies.  She makes it her mission to make her clients look 10 years younger without injections or surgery.  Her enthusiasm and amazing bedside manner makes her an incredible asset to Lipolaser of South Jersey.


Medical Assistant

Bonnie is our M6 robotic laser specialist.  Bonnie is trained as a medical assistant with over 20 years experience in the healthcare field.  She is dedicated in helping patients heal from the most debilitating problems with Laser therapy.  She has amazing compassion which create a healing environment.


Medical Assistant

Tonya is the anchor or our Lipolaser/Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments and well as Velashape III treatments.  Tonya is trained as a medical assistant and formally trained in Ultrasonic Cavitation and non-invasive body contouring treatments. Tonya makes body contouring her personal obsession. She strives each day to make every client happy and leave with a smile.  Many of our techniques to achieve better results are a result of Tonya’s fine tuning each program.


Manager / Medical Assistant

Debbi is the manager of Lipolaser of South Jersey.  Debbi is also a medical assistant with years of experience in the wellness, health and exercise field.  She has been with Lipolaser of South Jersey for over 7 years.  Debbi personally oversees all body contouring programs and makes it her responsibility for client satisfaction.  Debbi conducts client consultations and recommends the right program for each client. She has made Lipolaser of South Jersey the premier non-invasive body contouring facility on the east coast.


Medical Assistant

Sondra is our LipoLaser/Ultrasonic Cavitation specialist.  She is a certified Massage Therapist and Medical Aesthetician with formal training in advanced body contouring procedures.  Sandra’s hands, along with our advanced body contouring equipment are responsible the miracles we see everyday without invasive surgery!


Front Office Manager

Karen has been working for Liebman Wellness Center and Lipolaser of South Jersey for the past 17 years!  She is front office manager and is in charge of keeping our office running smoothly and efficiently.


Medical Assistant

Krystal has been working with us at Lipolaser of South Jersey and Liebman Wellness Center for over 10 years. Her training and degree is in exercise and physiology.  Krystal is in charge delivering great results with both Lipolaser treatments and M6 robotic laser treatments.  She works side by side with Dr. Jesse to create miracles in our practice every day with incredible pain relief as well as transformations in body contouring.